All Hands Meetings

Upon his arrival in 2005, Dr. Pestell instituted a quarterly meeting of SKCC members and staff called the "SKCC All Hands" meeting. The meeting allows Dr. Pestell to disseminate any important news relative to the SKCC. It also serves as a "State of the Cancer Center" type meeting. The meetings generally consist of a general overview/update of the state of the SKCC. There are also a few awards presented at each meeting (generally 1 each in the general categories of Clinical, Nursing, Basic Science and Administration). There are also sometimes a guest presenter who will discuss something that is potentially important to a large segment of the SKCC population.

Below is a table of the award recipients since first SKCC All Hands Meetings in 2006.

2014   Ellen Sweeney, RN
John Pascal, PhD
Vida Ignatenkovas
Maureen Howard
Yolanda Crespo
2013 Nicole Simmone, MD
Tamara McGovern, RN
ONCare Nursing Team
Andrew Aplin, PhD
Scott Waldman, MD, PhD
Oliver Dalton
ONCare Administrative Team
Jouni J. Uitto, PhD
Lifetime Achievement Award
Alexander Mazo, PhD
Discovery of the Year Award
Andrew Quong, PhD
Special Recognition Award
Jeanine Voll, PhD
Special Recognition Award
2012 Matthew Carabasi, MD
Vochita Bar Ad, MD
Edith Mitchell, MD
BMT Unit
Cheryl Santosusso
Susan Krick, RN
Deborah Turner, RN
George Prendergast, PhD
Adam Ertel, PhD
John Pascal, PhD
Post-Award Admin Group
Noreen Robertson, PhD
Janene Palidora
Rita Genovese, CPC, PCS
Steven McKenzie, MD, PhD
George Prendergast, PhD
Discovery of the Year
Steven McKenzie, MD, PhD
Wings Award
2011 Nancy Lewis, MD
Takami Sato, MD
Andrew Chapman, DO
Maura Milligan, RN
Mary Ann McGinley, PhD, RN
JoAnn Silcox, RN, MSN
Carole Muto, RN, MSN, CPAN
Agnieszka Witkiewicz, MD
Madhukar(Matthew) Thakur, PhD
Marja Nevalainen, MD, PhD
Jeannine Voll
Andrea M. Kahn-Kothmann, ESQ
Mildred Harden
Neal Flomenberg, MD and
Dolores Grosso, RN, CRNP, DNP
Discovery of the Year
Renato L. Baserga, MD
Lifetime Achievement
Richard Haldeman, CPA, MBA
Appreciation Award
Isidore Rigoutsos, PhD
Wings Award
2010 David Andrews, MD
Edouard Trabulsi, MD
Suzanne Henss, RN, BSN, OCN
3W/NW Nursing Staff
Patricia Dugan
Linda Greenbaum, MD
Vincent Njar, PhD
Joshua Lubin, MBA
Marian Stewart
Arthur Feldman, MD, PhD,
Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael Lisanti, MD, PhD,
Discovery of the Year
2009 Margaret Kasner, MD
Mitchell Machtay, MD
Joanne Filicko-O’Hara, MD
Dolores Grosso, RN, CRNP
Sharon Daniels-Williams
Christine Muldoon, RN
Ronald Myers, PhD
Jonathan Brody, PhD
Laurence Eisenlohr, PhD,VMD
Paolo Fortina, MD, PhD
Richard Haldeman, CPA,MBA
Joanne Balitzky

2008 Rani P. Anne, MD
Richard Valicenti, M.D.
Jon Glass, MD
Alexander Lin, MD
Rita Battaglini, RN, BSN, OCN
Rae L. Conley, R.N., M.S.
Ruth Hostler, RN, MSN, AOCN
Shelley Burcat, RN, MSN
Sister Bernadette Ravenstahl
Karen Knudsen, PhD
Zuoren Yu, Ph.D.
Hallgeir Rui, MD, PhD
Steven McMahon, PhD
Judith Daviau, DVM, DACLAM
Margaret Dent
Dorothy Wyszynski
Joy Soleiman, MPA

2007 Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Maria Werner Wasik, MD
Rita Axelrod, MD
Susan Munro, RN
Deborah Smyth, RN, MSN
Renee Zalinsky, RN, OCN
Renato Iozzo, MD
Emad Alnemri, PhD
Alexander Mazo, PhD
Joan Mello
Linda Hines
Nicole Matthews
Karl Smalley

2006 Matt Carabasi, MD
Walter Curran, MD
Mitchell Machtay, MD
Adam Berger, MD
Sharon Millinghausen, RN,MSN
Janet Brunner, PA-C
Patricia Dugan
Anne Delengowski, RN, MSN
Rene Daniel, MD, PhD
Edward Mercer, PhD
Kishore Aligupali, PhD
Andrea Morrione, PhD
Dawn Scardino
Larry Williams
Richard Davidson, PhD
Janice Rago
Andrew Curran

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