Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Comprehensive Bibliography (08/19/2019 - Present) [Just Cancer Related]

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38 publications(10.92%) were inter-programmatic(+ or +*).
67 publications(19.25%) were intra-programmatic(* or +*).
20 publications(5.75%) were inter-programmatic and intra-programmatic(+*).
85 publications(24.43%) were inter-programmatic and/or intra-programmatic(+, * or +*).

Assuming an IF of 0 for Journals with an undefined IF
44 publications(12.64%) had an impact factor > 10 (†).
48 publications(13.79%) had an impact factor > 9 († or ‡).
119 publications(34.20%) had an impact factor > 5 († or ‡ or #).
Average Impact Factor [(2089.202/348]: 6.00.

Omitting Journals with an undefined IF
44 publications(13.54%) had an impact factor > 10 (†).
48 publications(14.77%) had an impact factor > 9 († or ‡).
119 publications(36.62%) had an impact factor > 5 († or ‡ or #).
Average Impact Factor [2089.202/325]: 6.43.

Collaborative Publications With Other NCI Designated Cancer Centers
There were 179 publications with other Cancer Centers (¶) (179/348) or 51.44% of the publications that were reviewed for collaboration by SKCC Authors or Administration using less strict affiliation method.
Authors from other Institutions that are/have or are within Cancer Centers are underlined with an abbreviation of their Cancer Center in square brackets.
There were 110 publications with other Cancer Centers (¶) (110/348) or 31.61% of the publications that were reviewed for collaboration by SKCC Authors or Administration using Strict Members Only Method.

Authors who were members during publication are in bold.
The Program Numbers/Abbreviations for these authors appear in [] for each Member.
Program Abbreviations are listed below, all publications after January of 2011 should be using the current Program Abbreviations.

Current Codes/Programs
CCBS: Cancer Cell Biology & Signaling
MBG: Molecular Biology & Genetics
PC: Prostate Cancer
BC: Breast Cancer
GIC: Gastrointestinal Cancer
ZY: Non-Programmatically Aligned

Alternate Codes/Programs
TIPS: Transdisciplinary Integration of Population Science
TCB: Translational Cancer Biology
CPC: Cancer Prevention& Control
GUC: Genitourinary Cancer
GI: New Gastrointestinal Cancer
HMI: Hematologic Malignancies & Immunology
WO: Womens Oncology Program

The SKCC Publication database is usually updated weekly or bi-weekly, the last update was completed on 02/14/2020.
Currently using 2018/19 Journal Impact Factors from Clarivate